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Computational cognitive modeling

NYU PSYCH-GA 3405.002 / DS-GS 3001.005

Obtaining the Homework

If you are using the university provided Jupyter instance (here) rather than your own personal computer the homeworks will automatically download into a folder in your account called course-materials each time you login.

If you are running your own Jupyter instance use the following instructions to download the homeworks.

Retrieving Homework from Github to Jupyter

Open a terminal in Jupyter (Go to “new” in the upper right, then choose “terminal”).

Cloning the repository

For first retrieval, clone the repository using

git clone

Updating the repository

To update the repository, enter the repository folder using

cd CCM-site

and pull new commits using

git pull

Creating a copy of a HW

To create a copy of a HW problem set to work on in the home folder (and prevent possible merge conflicts on future pulls), run

cd ~
cp -r PATH/TO/HW .

For example, for homework 1 you would type

cp -r CCM-site/homeworks/1-NeuralNet .

(don’t forget trailing .)